Heisuke watched with mild amusement as his female classmate stumbled out the classroom.  Her expression seemed to have changed, though.  He took a mental note of that before returning the gesture.  ”Of course,” He said, pushing himself off the wall.  Without another word, he was dragged back into the classroom so they could talk privately.

Why was she fidgeting? Was it something that troubled her? Heisuke plopped himself on his desk while awaiting an answer.  It took her a few minutes, but he was patient.  Finally, stopped fidgeting and spoke.

“Heisuke-kun… you are in a relationship, right…?”

Well that was quite unexpected.  Took the brunette by surprise, in fact.  How did she…? Oh yes, that’s right.  He had told her a couple of weeks ago.  Heisuke rubbed the back of his neck nervously, but remained calm on the matter.  ”Well, yes, I am in a relationship,” he answered matter-of-factly.  

But why was Kosuzu asking this? There must’ve been a specific reason behind her question.  Heisuke folded his arms, processing his thoughts for a few moments.  He was partially aware of the girl’s interest in his best bro, Ibuki Ryunosuke.  This must’ve been her reasoning…

He let out a small chuckle, amused by her nervousness.  ”Is this about Ryunosuke?”

She could have laughed at the quizzical look on his face, but forced herself not to. She remembered how sensitive the topic of his love for Harada-sensei was to him… laughing would not do any good. What surprised her however was the calm, almost cold way he confirmed his relationship status.

'I thought he'd be more emotional about it…' She sure as hell was. In a way she admired how Heisuke could keep his feelings in check like this. Maybe she should ask him about how to do that rather than-

”Is this about Ryunosuke?”

HOW DID HE-?! “Wha-what makes you think that!?!? J-just because you have that idea of him and me together in your head doesn’t mean I agree….” nervously she turned her back towards him, trying to control the blush that was growing on her cheeks. She sighed.

"B…But lets pretend for a moment I DID like… someone… How would I go about telling them?" She glanced over her shoulder, "I mean… how did you do it?"

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Heisuke found himself bored in class again.  Awake, but bored.  He twirled his pencil between his fingers, finding the utensil fascinating at the moment.  

The small nudge upon his back made him drop his pencil in surprise.  Luckily the teacher was in the middle of writing something on the board, so didn’t catch wind of it.  A note promptly landed on his lap after that.  Heisuke peeked behind him to see his classmate, Kosuzu, acting a little too innocently.  

He placed his attention back on the note, opening it quietly.  It read, ‘Wait for me after class, I gotta ask you something.’  

How peculiar.  But he didn’t mind.  So he made a discreet gesture to let her know that he’d be free after class.  A thumbs up, if you will.


So class went by fairly quickly after that.  How odd, but Heisuke thought nothing of it.  Right now he was waiting for Kosuzu outside the class, leaning against the wall with his arms crossed.  He wondered what she wanted to ask…

Shuffling her things into her bag, Kosuzu ran out of the classroom and almost stumbled over Heisuke’s feet. Ah! he had waited!

"I thought you had left after all!" The relief was plainly obvious on her face as she grinned at him. Noone else could help her with her question after all… well, one person, but talking to him would defeat the purpose of this meeting. "Can we go back inside and sit down?" With noone left in the classroom it was the perfect place to talk in private. Better than the hallway anyways…

Without waiting for an answer she grabbed his sleeve and dragged him back into the room, sliding the door shut behind them. She paced up and down the rows of tables for a while, fidgeting with her hands in preparation for the conversation. Then finally she stopped.

"Heisuke-kun… you are in a relationship, right…?"


“U-unless… you want to go somewhere else…?”

Somewhere else? Oh, that’s right. The school closes soon doesn’t it? He tried to think of a different place they could go. He didn’t want give this up yet! He wanted her to stay with hi-  ’..!?’ The realization struck him that he did indeed want to be with Kosuzu and spend time with her, even if that just meant helping her with some homework. He quickly scanned the list of places they could go to in his mind. His house… was not an option. His mother would be harsh and most likely furious to him bring a ‘distraction’ from his studies home with him. Asking to go to her house would be very bold and probably rude, so that option was out. ‘But there is that one place…’ B-but wouldn’t that also be weird? Like asking her out on a- Ryunosuke shook his head and mustered the courage to offer up option three before he chickened out.

“A-ah, well there is this one place we could go. It’s a cafe in the city. It’s really nice and all, I go there sometimes to study. They have big tables so you can set your papers out…” he trailed off worried that he began rambling too much.

A cafe, huh…?

She would not admit it but her heart fluttered just a tiny bit at his suggestion. She had never gone on a date bef- Waaaaaaaaait. Nono, this was homework. Tutoring. Nothing personal! After all she had only asked him for his help because he was a talented artist. She had heard teachers talk about suggesting his works to exhibitions and such… It would have been stupid to ask anyone else but him. right…?

Not so sure about her own intentions anymore Kosuzu fidgeted with a strand of hair while pondering over her answer.

"I… I think I know which one you’re talking about." She didn’t. “you’re right, the tables are pretty big…” Were they? “And the cake there is pretty good too.” she hoped at least. “We could …” share some “…try some of it while drawing, maybe?”


"help water plants… I believe the people in the club can handle that some flowers at our school are high maintenance" his ears twitched nervously "your question in inappropriate for someone like you to ask, and besides I don’t have a girl friend…" his tail flickered anxiously wanting her to move on…

She shrugged helplessly. “I… well, they can handle watering the plants themselves but there isn’t much more I can do because I don’t know much about flowers but I still like them and wanted to help and that’s why I water them. yes.” The words spilled out of her mouth much quicker than anticipated. A bit baffled by her own blabbering she did not quite catch the scolding for her inappropriate behavior and instead pushed on curiously, “But you just said it was complicated in the girlfriend department?” Had she known a bit more about cats she may have known that a twitching tail was a warning…


sannan almost jumped out of his seat he choked on his tea due to Kosuzu-san’s remark he blushed still holding the cup looking away “that’s the difficult part…”she dances? garden club? he smirked “then how come you haven’t been to any of our meetings garden club helper-san?” he wondered if she knew that he was the sponsor to the club

Well…. great.

Almost sputtering tea over her drawing and the books, she turned to face the school nurse and obvious member of the gardening club. That was unfortunate…

"I… didn’t know there were any meetings! I just water the flowers sometimes… haha…." Oh dear how could she talk herself out of this?

"T-Tell me about that difficult girlfriend of yours!" Although she wasn’t sure she wanted to know about a teacher’s love life, she definitely wanted a distraction.


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“Hijikata-san!!!” Kosuzu ran as fast as she could and came to a sudden stop in front of him, “S-Someone put these up all around school!” She held up a crude drawing of him in a cheerleading uniform. ((X,D))

He simply blinked at the drawing initially, not thinking to consider the possibility that it was himself as the subject…

“Kosu what—”

Then he looked closer.

“Is that……”


“…. me?!”

The change on his usually serene face caused her to take a few steps back. Hopefully he didn’t think she drew this.

"Y-Yes. In uhm… well, you can see what you’re wearing… I-I just thought you should know."

Oh dear…


SSL Kosuzu: keisuke-sannan: he laughed “kosuzu-san I live alone…” she erased her…


he laughed “kosuzu-san I live alone…” she erased her torso and was determined to draw it right he reached over and added “you should round the muscles a bit more to make it more realistic, I may not be a drawer but I know where these muscles are and what they look like” he…

he looked at her eyes furrowed was it really that much of a surprise? “ah it’s kind of difficult” he scratched the back of his neck “so when are you club activities?” he sat in the chair across from her and sipped his tea his ears twitched for some reason like he could sense she was hiding something… his tail flicked back and forth

"Difficult, huh…?" She didn’t want to bore deeper, it wasn’t her place. And yet she was curious, "but surely you have a girlfriend at least?"

His question made he forget about the drawing for a minute and she pondered over what to tell him. “I… uuuh… Well, I dance 3 days a week.” That wasn’t a lie at least, “And sometimes I help out the Gardening Club” Or at least she would from now on, to cover her back.


“I’m not laughing at you! I-I was just-“

“We can’t all be as gifted as you!”

“Eh?” The darkened color on her cheeks match his own. He flinched as she quickly grabbed the paper away from him and shoved it back into her bag hiding it from his view. He listen patiently as she explained her dilemma.

“And about the real thing… well, you just saw my attempt to draw a person I saw on the bus this morning…”

‘Oh…’ He cringed inwardly. Was drawing really that hard for her? He thought carefully about what to say next. He would encourage her to no end and say even the worst of her drawings were lovely, but he knew that wouldn’t help her get a passing grade in class. 

“Well… maybe if you practice with someone. To help correct you along the way.” He scratched the back of his neck and looked away to try and will the blush away from his face. “I have some extra time today. You could grab one of those anatomy books from your friends and we could draw together… I-if you want, that is.”

"Draw toge-"

For a moment she did not know what to say or how to react.  Wasn’t this a bit childish? Sitting together and drawing… all by themselves, just scribbling on paper for no apparent reason. alone. probably talking about nonsensical stuff. with him. Maybe it could even be seen as tutoring. looking over her shoulder. He was helping her with her homework after all. possibly guiding her hand- Okay, this was going to far! Kosuzu shook her head to snap out of her shot-termed trance, hot pink persistently staining her cheeks. Still a bit flustered she glanced at him.

"D-Do you mean like… we just grab a corner on the library and draw away? Doesn’t the school lock down in half an hour? Yes, they wouldn’t have time anyways.

"U-unless… you want to go somewhere else…?"


he laughed “kosuzu-san I live alone…” she erased her torso and was determined to draw it right he reached over and added “you should round the muscles a bit more to make it more realistic, I may not be a drawer but I know where these muscles are and what they look like” he grinned his ears twitching slightly he brought the tea kettle by and refilled her cup “so why are you not in class again?”

her head shot up and she looked at him, disbelieving. “You’re not married?” For some reason she had always assumed a well-earning, handsome and friendly doctor would be snatched off the market quicker than saichu would run from a durian… one could say Hi.

She held back a chuckle after his comment about his knowledge of muscles. Maybe she should use him as a model- no Nononono, inappropriate Kosuzu! Feverishly she kept changing bits and pieces of her picture. “I’m finished with classes for today. and I don’t have any-… club activities this afternoon.” she had almost said work…